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Your child can learn beautiful Recitation of Quran

Quranacademy.com.au is an online Islamic educational academy. It offers teaching facilities to those children and adults who do not have easy access to Islamic educational centers. Academy provides online schooling of different Islamic courses. Our experienced, qualified male and female teachers (Ulema & Qurra) are available 24/7. Students are free to chose day and timing of lessons according to their own convenience.


Start your class in 3 easy steps
Just follow the three easy steps given at the right side of this page. Our teacher will be ready at your mentioned convenient time and you can start lessons. We offer 5 days free trial classes.


How We Teach?
At an agreed upon time, academy's qualified human tutor (Qari/Alim Sahib) and the student come online, they share their screens and start lesson, using voice and video calls software. The student only needs to have a PC, headset and an internet connection. One teacher teaches only one student at a time.



3 Easy Steps to Start the Class

Step 1

Step 2

In the 2nd Step for Quran Learning Our Representative will Communicate with you to fix the time

Step 3

Come online through skype at your time. Our teacher will be ready. He will share his screen with you and start lesson.

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